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Responsibilities: Randle General Hospital


  • Emergencies are attended to immediately from the point of entry to the hospital.
  • Ambulant clients are directed/assisted to the Emergency Room (ER).
  • Stretchers and wheel chairs are made available for non-ambulant clients.
  • Vital signs and bio-data are taken simultaneously by the attending officers within a minute of arrival at the ER.
  • The ER, Laboratory, Medical Records, Pharmacy, Account (Pay point) and the Lagos State Health Scheme operate a 24-hour service.

Admission Process

  • Initial admission obtains in the ER for 24-48 hours.
  • Subsequently, clients are admitted by the relevant Management Team.
  • Clients could also be referred for further management without.
  • Those clients found not to be emergencies are treated and sent home.

Referral Process

  • Referrals depend on availability of bed space and nature of client’s condition.
  • Clients requiring highly specialized management unavailable in our facility are referred appropriately.
  • Client and/or relatives are counseled on the reason for their referral
  • Referred clients are followed up with 3600 referral pattern.